Review Paper

Edited Volumes

Intention and Intentional Action

These papers form a pretty unified research program. For the original empirical paper, see Knobe (2003a) (written for an audience of analytic philosophers). For my latest take on the more theoretical issues that arise here, see Pettit & Knobe (2009).


Free Will and Moral Responsibility

For our first empirical paper on this topic, see Nichols & Knobe (2007). For a more recent theoretical paper and review, see Knobe (in press).

Intuitions About Consciousness

These papers explore the idea that seeing an entity as biologically embodied has an impact on people's ascriptions of consciousness. Knobe & Prinz look at people's intuitions about entities that do not have bodies at all. Gray et al. then go in the opposite direction, looking at intuitions about people whose bodies have been made especially salient (e.g., by being depicted without clothing).

The Impact of Morality

People's moral judgments seem to affect just about every aspect of the way they understand people's minds and their actions. These papers examine some of the different aspects of people's cognition that can be impacted by morality.

The True Self

Experimental Philosophy

These papers discuss the new field of 'experimental philosophy.' The first and third papers address metaphilosophical questions about the aims of experimental philosophy, while the second and fourth review recent work in the field.

Other Papers

Folk Explanations of Behavior

These papers present a theory about how people ordinarily explain behavior. For a relatively accessible introduction, see Knobe and Malle (2002).